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From Indyref1 to Indyref2?: The State of Nationalism in Scotland

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It is a propitious moment to assess the popularity of nationalism in Scotland.

By the popularity of ‘nationalism’ we mean both the level and the character of support for the SNP in particular and for independence in general.

How has this been affected by the first independence referendum in 2014?

And what appear to be the implications for the future of nationalism in Scotland, including not least in any second referendum ballot?

Key findings

Support for Scottish independence is at its highest ever level.


But now might not be the best time for the SNP to hold a second referendum.

High levels of Euroscepticism in Scotland mean focusing on EU membership may not be the best way to swing voters in favour of “Yes”.


Overwhelming support for independence among younger voters might mean there is majority support for independence in future.

Download the report.


Download the report