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Attitudes to the role of the Scottish Parliament 

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Support for independence at 15-year high

  • People in Scotland are keener on having a powerful Scottish Parliament than at any time since the advent of devolution. Yet this does not mean that a majority support leaving the United Kingdom. 
  • 51% of all Scots now say that ‘the Scottish Parliament should make all the decisions for Scotland’, up ten points from Summer 2014, just before the referendum.

Four in five people support devolution max

  • 30% say that Holyrood should make all the decisions for Scotland apart from defence and foreign affairs – a proposition that is tantamount to what has become known as ‘devolution max’.
  • All in all, around four in five people in Scotland now back the idea of having a Scottish Parliament that makes all or most of the decisions for Scotland.  
  • However, when asked explicitly whether they would prefer Scotland to be independent and ‘separate from the UK’ or whether they would prefer Scotland to ‘remain part of the UK’ while having its own parliament, just 39% opt for independence.
  • In contrast 49% back devolution (and another 6% would like to remain in the UK without a devolved parliament).