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Who is still wavering? Turnout and the undecided

Authors: Jan Eichhorn, Lindsay Paterson (University of Edinburgh)

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In a previous ScotCen briefing it was shown that a third of all respondents to the 2013 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2013 had not decided which way to vote in the referendum.1 This new briefing looks at who is still undecided, as measured by the 2014 survey. Meanwhile following on from an earlier briefing on who was more and less likely to vote,2 we also examine the likely level of turnout in the referendum. In so doing we pay particular attention to the role played by voters’ educational background.


This research was undertaken in collaboration with the Applied Quantitative Methods Network and was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of its research initiative on The Future of the UK and Scotland. The Applied Quantitative Methods Network is a Research Centre developing a dynamic and pioneering set of inter-disciplinary projects to improve understanding of current social issues in the UK.